Revision 08 of the Version 3 national program requirements has been posted to the ENERGY STAR website!

Revision 08 is the most significant Revision since the release of Version 3. It is intended to address top concerns identified by Partners and will greatly reduce paperwork, better align the ENERGY STAR certification process with a HERS rating, and continue to improve the efficiency of new homes without compromising quality, comfort, or durability.

Partners are permitted to use these Revisions immediately, at their discretion, but must apply them to all homes permitted on or after July 1, 2016. A longer transition period has been provided given the significance of Revision 08.

As part of this Revision, all major documents from the national program have been updated, as well as the regional requirements for California and Florida. Watch these short orientation videos to get you started with Revision 08:

To learn more, a one-page document that highlights the most substantial changes, a crosswalk document showing where each Item from Rev. 07 was moved to in Rev. 08, and a version tracking document containing all of the specific changes in this Revision, are available by clicking on the links and visiting the Version 3 Policy Clarifications and Changes webpage.

We also encourage you to participate in one of the upcoming webinars on Revision 08:

The ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement Terms and Commitments have been updated and apply to all builder and Rater partners. The updated Terms and Commitments for raters can be found here and the updated Terms and Commitments for builders can be found here.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.