REM/Rate™ Update

As part of NORESCO’s continued commitment to the RESNET® community, Amber Wood, senior manager, REM products, and Judie Porter, director, sustainability, provided key updates on REM/Rate software to the Board of Directors at the RESNET® 2016 Conference. We’d like to share those updates with you.

  • NORESCO’s REM/Rate™ team was quite busy in 2015. The desktop software calculated scores for 155,447 RESNET® HERS rated homes and the team responded to approximately 1,000 building science and technical support questions.
  • Our Google Group has grown to more than 400 members and continues to be a great source of information and communication to raters and providers.
  • NORESCO staff members have been working diligently on REM/Rate revisions as summarized in the below table:


In 2016, we intend to release a beta version of the  REM/Rate Web Application as well as widen support for state code compliance with development work on custom reports and reference homes. Amber Wood serves on the RESNET® committee that is providing input into the plan for the future hourly-engine requirements.

If you’re looking for information or assistance, visit us at

(The above information came from an email directly from RESNET)