Contact Your Congressional Representative on the Importance of Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

Congress is currently negotiating a package of “tax extenders” for the coming year, and they need to hear from the HERS Industry about the importance of extending energy efficiency tax credits.

The tax credit for energy efficient homes (45L) expired on December 31, 2014. For the last couple of years Congress has retroactively extended energy efficiency tax credits. Earlier this year the Senate Finance Committee voted for the extension of the credit to cover 2015 and 2016.   The committee also voted to extend the existing homes credit (25C) for the same period of time.

Now the House needs to act.  You need to contact your representative to educate him or her on the importance of having the Senate’s version of the 45L and 25C extensions  included in the final tax extenders package, which is currently in the final stages of negotiation.

Please take a minute to let your voice be heard.

You can find the contact information for Utah’s Representatives HERE, as well as a link to find other representatives in other states.