Financial Benefits


Typical monthly increase in mortgage for an Energy Star®labeled home with $2,000 worth of energy efficiency improvements. $15.00
Average monthly savings on energy bills for families living in an Energy Star® labeled home. $35.00
Money in your pocket each month. $20.00
Estimated TOTAL saved in one year. $240.00
Savings over the life of a 30 year mortgage $7,200.00
  • The national average savings on energy bills for families living in Energy Star® labeled homes averages $35 a month, or $420 per year. This can equate to $7,200.00 for a standard 30 year mortgage.
  • Energy Star® labeled homes are more durable. This translates into reduced maintenance costs since tight construction and energy efficient windows reduce moisture and sun damage.
  • Energy Star® labeled homes have a higher resale value and market appeal as well!