Taken from an article published on prweb.com

“Homeowners in 2015 Need Practical Ways to Save Energy”

Today’s homeowner is not living in a completely green home that has every modification possible to save energy. Homeowners in 2015 need practical ways to save energy so that they can save dollars and the environment. For the past several years, the energy efficient market has been on the rise with companies like SPP growing yearly with experts helping to educate homeowners on energy efficiency.  SPP Executive Lorry explains that they release tips every year to let people know there is more than just one way to be energy efficient. “Everyone can do these simple tips at home to get started, being energy conscious is important for our economy and our environments future, and we are happy to help,” explains Lorry.

Energy Efficient Tips
Here are the tips that are going to help homeowners save money and the environment in practical ways in 2015:

Window Frames and Seals: They are super important for energy savings. They advise to check the seal of windows to ensure no air conditioning is escaping, meaning no money blowing away out of the window. Weather stripping and proper caulking will make sure that windows stay doing their job and hold all the air homeowners want inside and the air they don’t want outside.

Heating: Heating takes up a majority of homeowner expense in the winter and can play a huge role in energy efficiency. Turning down the setting on a water heater to 120 degrees instead of a traditional 140 is good to help save money but a tankless water heater is actually the optimal option. The previous step of securing windows will then help improve heating in the winter due to more conditioned air contained in the home.

Saving Water: When it comes to water, there are plenty of ways to save. Homeowners can start by using less water in the shower and dishes by adding flow controlled shower and faucet heads. An artificial grass surface like a turf will always look beautiful without ever requiring homeowners to spend even a drop on it.

Miscellaneous: Using blinds or shades is a great way to keep the heat out and the air off in a home. Remembering to turn off lights and televisions when leaving rooms along with replacing bulbs for halogen incandescent money saving bulbs will dramatically lower bills and energy use every year as well.

Future of Saving
The future of saving is at home for consumers in today’s market. The consumers who understand saving means earning will see gains in the long run, especially those with a focus in energy saving. Companies like SPP are staying ahead of the curve with advances in technology and are inspired by homeowners who wish to maximize their energy savings efforts every year with their tip sheets.