Utility Rebate/Incentives

A few changes and updates from the Questar Gas Thermwise Builder and Rocky Mountain Power wattSmart New Homes Programs:

Utility incentive programs in Utah are an important component to builder’s energy efficiency initiatives.  UECC/ ERHU tracks which utilities are offering incentives to builders for building to the EPA Energy Star Program achieving a 30% (or greater) HERS Index above the IECC 2009 baseline, or other national above code programs.

Currently we are working with the Rocky Mountain Power (electricity) Energy Star incentive program as well as the Questar Gas (Natural Gas) Energy Efficiency (Thermwise) program in Utah. We support our builders by providing them with valuable on-site support that allows them to receive the largest number of incentives possible. In addition, we back up our builders in these programs by providing administrative support for submitting their houses and tracking performance milestones for the builders to ensure they are meeting the incentive program goals.

To find out more about these two utility programs we recommend you go to: