Partners have asked for more specific guidance on how to use Rev. 07 and Rev. 08 program documents during the transition to Rev. 08. Two policy record entries have been written to address the most common situations:

  • #551 explains how to use Rev. 07 design documentation coupled with the Rev. 08 HVAC Commissioning Checklist, Rater Checklists, and Water Management System Builder Requirements.
  • #552 explains how certain changes in Rev. 08 can be applied to homes certified under Revision 07. This might be desired if, for example, a home began certification under Rev. 07 and all that remains to complete the certification is an item that is no longer required under Rev. 08.

These Policy Record entries are below, and were posted to the Policy Record this week.

While these policies are pretty straightforward, detailing them in Policy Record entries will provide greater clarity and improve consistency across certifications. Therefore, please review them carefully. In particular, it’s worth noting the policy for drain pans – the Rater must either collect Section 12 of the HVAC System QI Contractor Checklist for each system (as was required in Rev. 07) or collect documentation once per builder indicating the date that they transitioned to the Rev. 08 Water Management System Builder Requirements (and, therefore, took responsibility for inspection of the drain pan). See #552, Item 1.1 of the HVAC System QI Rater Checklist, for more details.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your work promoting ENERGY STAR