Call or write your Representative today and urge them to vote YES on the North American Energy Security Infrastructure Act of 2015 (H.R. 8) and NO on the Welch amendment that would weaken the energy code provisions.
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On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will take up legislation to reform our nation’s energy policy. NAHB supports H.R. 8 to make energy codes more cost-effective and prevent the Department of Energy (DOE) from lobbying the code process. The bill:
• Keep Homes Affordable – Energy efficiency advocates are pushing for costly energy codes that may NEVER pay for themselves.This legislation requires any DOE supported code or code change proposal to have a simple payback of 10 years or less.
• Improves Transparency – This legislation requires DOE to publish all calculations and methodologies that support code change proposals and accept public comments.
• Ensures Product Neutrality – This legislation prohibits DOE from advocating on behalf of certain products or technologies.
• Ensures State Sovereignty – This legislation protects a state’s right to adopt only those codes and standard changes deemed appropriate.
These talking points will help you make your case.
Contact your Representative at 866-924-NAHB (6242) or