Utah Clean Energy —  From state and local policies to community projects and innovative partnerships, they work to Stop Energy Waste, Create Clean Energy, and Build a Smart Energy Future.

ACEEE — The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, a non-profit organization, advancing energy-efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection

Advanced Energy Corporation (AEC) — Great publications, such as their report on North Carolina’s Seventh Annual Statewide Home Energy Rater Conference. Check it out here.

Advancing Home Performance

A Building America-DOE — Good information on Building America programs and expert technical advice, particularly under “Additional Resources”

Building Energy Codes (BEC) —Complete toolbox to facilitate energy code compliance, development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement.

Building Officials & Code Administration

Building Science Consortium (BSC):Practical tips on efficient design and construction, under “Houses That Work” and “Case Studies”

Building Science Information

Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings (CARB) —Check out their “Projects” and “CARB-News.”

ConSoI — Info on lowering construction costs while providing innovative ways to meet and exceed energy codes. Click on “Building Protocols” for tips.

Davis Energy Group —Engineering firm seeking improved interior comfort while conserving energy. Check out their “Publications & News”.

DOE’s Efficient Windows Collaborative – Why and how to select high performance, climate-tuning glazing


Energy & Environmental Building Association —This is THE trade organization for energy-efficient builders. Link to “Building Info Central” and “Communications.”

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Building Technologies Program-DOE — Valuable technical resources for builders covering Building America (BA), Zero Energy Homes (ZEH) and Existing Buildings (ExB) programs, plus consumer energy basics.

Energy Efficient Building

Efficient Windows Collaborative-DOE —Great resources on why and how to select high performance, climate-tuning glazing


Environmental Building News —Lots of news stories and feature articles offered on-line that deal with energy efficiency in design and construction.

EPA Energy Star Program – Product specific information on high performance appliances and lighting for the home

FannieMae-Federal National Mortgage Association

FHA-Federal Housing Administration

FreddieMac-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Greener Buildings –

JEPA’s Energy Star — Really good product-specific information on high performance appliances and lighting for the home

Kid’s Stuff-Fun things to learn about energy efficiency

Health House —A non-profit program for home environments through consumer and builder education campaigns that model healthy building practices.

Home Energy magazine (on-line resources) — All past issues of this great publication are on-line. Good technical information for both builders and consumers.

HUD’s Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology —Great resource for builder; on technology and building component systems; go to “Inventory.”

Industrialized Housing Partnership (IHP): Florida Solar Energy Center. Excellent technical “Resources” and “Publications” central to hot-humid climates.

Integrated Building and Construction Solutions (IBACOS) — Builder case Studies, fact sheets, and newsletter under “Publications”

International Energy Conservation Code

Iris Communications, Inc: One of the oldest and best commercial sources of publications, products, and news on resource and energy efficiency

NAHB — Key programs with builder resources include “ToolBase”, “EnergyValue Housing Award”, and “Research.”

National Renewable Energy Lab —NREL does a wide range of work on energy-efficiency, but this section of their web site is dedicated to excellent technical resources for builders particularly on renewable energy systems and energy analysis and building evaluation.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) — Offers technical resources and advice on improving energy efficiency & environmental compatibility of residential and commercial buildings

RESNET-The Residential Energy Services Network

Simplyinsulate an on-line searchable database for information on incentive programs for making energy-efficient improvements. This Web site was created and is maintained by North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA).

Smart Communities Network

Southern Utah HBA

Southface Institute —BA partner, posting great resources under “Journal” and “Fact Sheets”

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) —Clearinghouse for whole building design, product information, professional training, consumer education, and analytical tools.

Utah Energy Office

U.S. Dept. of Energy

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Utah NonProfit Organization

UVHBA– Utah Valley Home Builder’s Association