Webinar on May 17, 2017

On December 27, 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its first-ever ENERGY STAR specification for electric vehicle chargers. Part of EPA’s effort moving forward will be to work with the EV industry to sell ENERGY STAR certified electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), as well as the marketplace to encourage demand for these products. Homes in the U.S. are a key part of this supply/demand puzzle since almost every EV owner will have a charging station in their home or apartment. While EV-readiness is not a requirement for certifying new homes, builders who cater to homeowners’ changing demands will benefit from understanding what is needed to make a home ready for an EV charging station.

Ed Pike, a Senior Engineer at Energy Solutions, is a national expert on EV charging for residential applications. He will present to ENERGY STAR partners on state/local government codes to promote electric infrastructure for EV charging, technical requirements for installation, and cost savings from making homes and apartments EV-ready.

John Morris, a leader for electric vehicles and efficient homes in the Northwest, will share findings from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s 2016 Northwest Electric Vehicle Market Assessment, which includes interviews with home builders. John is Vice President of Market Development with D+R International and serves on the board of directors and chairs the utility working group for Drive Oregon, an electric vehicle industry association.

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