Environment vs. Money


During the last quarter century the world has witnessed an ever growing concern over the economic and environmental costs of energy consumption, here in Utah and across the nation. Whether you are a governmental agency, a local utility service, or an energy customer, we can all agree that saving our environmental resources both locally and nationally is a good thing.

The debate (isn’t that a polite way to define some of the “discussions” that take place) often begins when the saving of ‘environmental’ resources is weighed against the saving of ‘business’ resources. Someone usually asks, “What will environmental savings cost businesses in time and dollars?” “Is there a fair and equitable breakdown for all parties involved?” These are fair questions to ask and to ponder.

The simple truth of the matter is that when an effective energy efficiency program is in place, significant dollars begin to be saved right along with trees, water and the air. It can happen here, and is happening even as you read this. Since 1990, the Utah Energy Conservation Coalition has been creating and implementing energy savings programs for a wide variety of clients – utilities, municipalities, regulatory commissions, weatherization providers, and even consumer & environmental groups throughout the Mountain West. Throughout the ever changing and evolving priorities of government, commercial and consumer interests, the UECC has been working steadily to make conservation of our resources a reality. In each case, we’ve done so with the best interests of the client, their customers and the environment in mind. There are an infinite number of ways for you to begin saving both money and the environment.

No matter the program that you participate in one thing is certain — it can be successful so long as there are clear and meaningful principles that are ethical in nature and on which all calculations, qualifications, certifications and marketing strategies are based.

Chose Sustainable & Resource Efficiency
By choosing to build a home that encompasses aspects of sustainability and efficient use of all resources (i.e. a “Green Built”), you as a builder or home buyer have chosen to reduce the burden on the environment and add value to your home. Many homeowners desire and some even insist that their home be earth friendly, affordable to operate, and healthy to live in.  Don’t be put off by anything that might sound foreign to you. Change may be difficult at first, and it may take time, but change will occur. The questions that we must all answer are: Will we be part of it molding our own future (action) or, Will we be the product of others (reaction)?

The choice is yours.


Benefits to the homebuyer Benefits to the home builder/developer: Benefits to the Community:
Enhances the profitability of resale Gain valuable promotion and advertising Conservation of water resources
Enhances the affordability of operation Differentiates your home from the competition Management of waste and storm water
Enhances the indoor air quality of the home Homebuyers link green home features with quality Provide/maintain affordable housing
Provides for greater access to mortgage money Add to the marketing value of your homes
Reduces builder callbacks