The Utah Energy Conservation Coalition / Energy Rated Homes of Utah is the leading Home Energy Rating Services Provider in the State of Utah: 

The high value of our services is due to several factors: our professionalism, reach, experience, reputation, strength, stability and exceptional pricing which all ensure comprehensive service.  Whether you have one project requiring one of our services, or hundreds requiring all of our services, we will save you money.

Homeowner Services:

  • Whole House Residential Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • On Site Consulting and Project Management directly related to Energy Efficiency 
    • Let us help you manage your energy efficient home projects
    • We act as an independent 3rd party to communicate with your builder and sub-contractors ensuring that your objectives are clear and carried out
    • We strive to provide you  and your builder with clear specifications about the scope of energy efficiency work to be performed
    • We provide on-site visits and inspections to perform quality control on specified work from  design to finish


  • We provide quality Home Energy Rating  Services (HERS) for all your new construction
  • We are a credentialed and EPA Energy Star Version 3.0 Home Energy Rating organization
  • We are able to provide quality Pre-Construction Consultation and Energy Code Compliance Plan Reviews
    • Base case analysis – describing where  you currently stand with your plans
    • Improvement analysis – reviewing what it will take to reach your home building goals
    • Red Flag Report – listing trouble spots that may have caused the home to under-perform
  • We readily provide On-Site Blower Door and Duct Blaster tests (in compliance with the “new” 2012 Utah version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)) to check for:
    • Air leakage
    • Duct leakage
  • We work closely with the local utilities  in the submittal of builder rebates – Rocky Mountain Power & Questar

Services Available:

  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Audits & Analysis
  • Residential Blower Door Air Leakage Diagnosis – approx. $100.00 per test
  • Home Energy Ratings
  • Residential Duct Leakage Diagnosis – approx. $175.00 with an additional $75  for each extra duct system
  • IECC 2012 (Utah Version) Compliance Testing
  • Energy Specific Internet Links  (
  • Energy Efficient Finance Training & Marketing Support
  • EPA Energy Star Homes version 3.0 Program Sales & Marketing Training & Education
  • “Green  Builder”/Sustainability Training & Consulting

Questar Thermwise Builder Rebates

Rocky Mountain Power Wattsmart Rebates