Energy Star New Consumer Video




ENERGY STAR is excited to announce that a new Certified Homes Consumer Video is now available for on youtube.comThis high-definition video uses real homeowner testimonials, visual examples of the building and rating process, and cutting-edge animation to explain how ENERGY STAR certified homes are built to a higher standard than typical new homes, and to demonstrate the peace of mind that comes with buying an ENERGY STAR certified home.

The ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Consumer Video explains the value and benefits of a home that is built better from the ground up. This new video to shows consumers the better quality, comfort, and durability built into an ENERGY STAR certified home. We encourage you to download the video for use on your company’s website, in model home showcase rooms, and other video display opportunities to promote your support of ENERGY STAR certified homes.
Please visit and click the “Certified Homes Consumer Video” link to download the video for your organization’s use. If you have any questions, please email us at