Trends in HERS Rated Homes

Each year, RESNET® examines the trends among homes that have received a HERS® rating. A statistical abstract of homes rated for HERS® by RESNET® in 2022 was released in the document entitled, “Trends in HERS Rated Homes – A Statistical Abstract 2023.”

Here’s what the report looks at:

1). Broad national-level trends in the number of HERS® ratings and average index scores.

2). State-level trends, including each state’s total ratings and the percentage of new homes that received a HERS® Rating.

3). Trends of HERS® ratings in cities, including the top 25 cities for single-family and multi-family ratings.

Following that, the report breaks down the basic characteristics of rated homes and individual components to illustrate structures that show trends across HERS® ratings. Building envelop systems are discussed, along with air leakage rates, equipment efficiencies, and solar panel use on HERS®-rated homes.


Report Highlights:

  • 129% increase in HERS® ratings from 2013-2022
  • Just shy of 338,000 HERS® ratings in 2022 (80% Single Family, 20% Multifamily)
  • Massachusetts is #1 with 82% of new homes receiving HERS® ratings
  • Indiana is #2 with 68% of new homes receiving HERS® ratings

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