Supporting Us

The Utah Energy Conservation Coalition/Energy Rated Homes of Utah is a not-for profit
(501.C.3) training and educational organization committed to making housing more accessible
and more energy efficient throughout the state of Utah.  The Utah Energy Conservation Coalition
(UECC) works to educate homebuyers, builders, building officials and the general public to
conserve energy in all areas of the housing industry.

Energy efficiency is becoming a more visible component of the housing industry and our
environment.  Through education and public awareness, the emphasis and demand for efficiency
is growing more and more each year.  Through donations, such as yours, the UECC will be more
efficient and successful in all projects (brochures, newsletters, newspaper articles, and other
educational materials) improving our operating format.

If you would like to donate to the Utah Energy Conservation Coalition go to and type in Utah Energy
Conservation Coalition at the organization search option.  You will learn about the IRS tax status
of the company, leaders of the organization and financial data.

Our sincere thanks to all who contribute!