From TEC:

Due to the changes in the cost of both materials and labor to manufacture our products, we will be adjusting the price of most of our products.

The last time we increased the price of our main products was over two years ago. The approximate price adjustment for TEC products will be 4%. The price of DuctMask and the TEC WiFi Link will remain the same.

The new prices go into effect July 15 and the updated price list will be available on our website July 1.

In the meantime, here are a few of the new prices:

  • Minneapolis Blower Door System: $2,775
  • Minneapolis Duct Blaster System: $2,075
  • DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge: $885
  • TrueFlow Air Handler Flow Meter: $850
  • Exhaust Fan Flow Meter: $180
  • FlowBlaster Capture Hood Accessory: $1,150