It’s week three of our Thankful Thursday segments.  We’ve talked about a draft-free home, and efficient heating.  Today let’s talk about the quick things.  These are the things that don’t require much effort.  That you can do all by yourself.

Some of these things just require you to remember to do them.  Like turning off your lights when you leave the room.  Buying Energy Star light bulbs at the store. But here’s a few things you can check around your house in a short time and be on the way to be more energy efficient in your own home.

-plug your electronics into a powerstrip.  We have these throughout our house.  We have one for all our computer items–printer, monitor, tower, etc.  Another one for our various video game consoles and TV. In our bedroom we have one on each side of the bed for our clocks and chargers for our personal electronics; cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. (interesting tidbit–did you know that unplugging your charger when not in use really doesn’t save you any money? Check out the info here).

-Wash your clothes in cold water.  Sounds too simple, but heating the water takes about 90% of the energy when you wash your clothes.  You can even find specialized laundry detergent for cold water.

-Don’t over dry your clothes.  Set the dryer for less time than you think you need and check them.  If your dryer has a sensor to stop when clothes are dry, use it!  Make sure the lint trap is always clean, so the clothes can dry quicker.

-Lower your water heater temperature.  Set it at 120degs or lower.  Did you know the average household spends $250 annually just heating their water?

For more tips you can try (not all are quick, but all are beneficial) check out’s checklist on ways you can start saving now.