This is a quick reminder that when any rater is performing EPA Energy Star Home Energy Ratings they MUST have the following:

  • The Builder/Contractor (NOT necessarily the Developer) must have taken the EPA Energy Star Builder training program. It’s all online so it’s not really that difficult to complete. They need to be listed on the EPA Energy Star Builder web page as an Energy Star Builder. If the builder has not completed an Energy Star home  or you have not submitted one to us for submittal to the EPA within the last 12 months, they will need to re-certify (it’s not difficult).
  • The HVAC company needs to be ACCA certified (as per RESNET & the EPA Energy Star standards). It would be a good idea to have a copy of their ACCA certification in your files just in case there is any question or concern from the EPA or the utility people (when you go after those utility rebates/incentives).
  • When you submit your final building files to us for archival and such be sure to state if these files are or are not energy star files. We can’t always tell this just off your files or general information, so please just state yes or no for energy star.
  • As your RESNET Provider we need to remind all of you that you and your staff need to be up to speed and in compliance with all of the various RESNET Home Energy Rating designations (Rater, RFI, etc.) and classifications for workers performing HERS stuff. As a RESNET accreditated rating organization, it is your responsibility to have your staff be in compliance. Periodically we may ask to see the documentation justifying this (as part of the regular QA/QC work that we must do as a RESNET Provider). If you need us to provide you with a certificate using your personal RESNET Rater number stating that you are personally in compliance, we can do that (some jurisdictions or builders want to see this prior to accepting proposals for work) for you. Just ask us.
  • Quarterly we provide a numeric accounting to the EPA Energy Star folks on ratings completed during the previous three months. The dates we use for our records are NOT the dates you might show completing your rating, but the date we receive the building files and rating data from your organization.  If you have any questions about the information, please contact Leeann Hansen at this office (a call in the afternoon would be best or an email) for assistance.
  • Finally — please bring your REM Rate software up to date with the latest edition. As part of your sub-license with us, it is your responsibility to use the “most current” version of the software.