Program Announcement
Program Changes Approved, Effective July 1, 2015

The Rocky Mountain Power wattsmart New Homes Program received approval for changes proposed to the Public Service Commission of Utah with an effective date of July 1, 2015. The program will continue to offer the same incentives, which have been available since July 2012, with the following changes:

  • New – 60% ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting Incentive: Currently the program offers incentives for 80% ENERGY STAR Qualified lighting based on three home sizes for both Single Family (SF) & Multifamily (MF) homes. The new 60% lighting incentives will be offered in addition to the current 80% lighting incentives. This percentage is calculated based on the number of ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting (bulbs or fixtures) located in RESNET Qualified Lighting locations which exclude plug-in lamps, closets, unfinished basements and landscape lighting.
  • New – 15 SEER Heat Pump Incentive where gas is unavailable (SF & MF): The program currently offers an incentive for 15 SEER central air-conditioner (condenser). An air-source heat pump works like an air conditioner but is also capable of providing some heat for a home. Please note: This new heat pump incentive is only available if natural gas is not available at the property line. The heat pump must be centrally ducted.
  • Changed – ECM Motor in 95% AFUE Furnace (SF & MF): The prior program incentive for ECM Motors required the HVAC system be designed based on the Program’s HVAC-Quality Installation Checklist or ENERGY STAR Certified Homes HVAC-QI Checklist. The new incentive for ECM ($150) no longer requires the checklist, although ENERGY STAR homes and builders interested in designing the system with the HVAC-QI checklist will receive an additional incentive.
  • Changed – Program Deadline Extended: The program deadline for submitting a new home to be eligible for incentives has been extended to 180 days from home completion; verified by the certificate of occupancy date (previously 120 days). This is now the same deadline as the Questar Gas Thermwise Builder program.
  • Retired – Dishwasher Incentive: Dishwasher incentives ($10) are no longer offered. Refrigerators that meet CEE Tier 3 ($20) will still be offered for SF & MF homes. A link to eligible refrigerators can be found on the program website.

Please note: All program changes become effective July 1, 2015. Homes completed on or after that date will use the new program incentives and requirements.

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