Supporting Utah Energy Conservation Coalition

The Utah Energy Conservation Coalition/Energy Rated Homes of Utah is a not-for profit (501.C.3) training and educational organization committed to making housing more accessible and more energy efficient throughout the state of Utah.  The Utah Energy Conservation Coalition (UECC) works to educate homebuyers, builders, building officials and the general public to conserve energy in all areas of the housing industry.

Energy efficiency is becoming a more visible component of the housing industry and our environment.  Through education and public awareness, the emphasis and demand for efficiency is growing more and more each year.  Through donations, such as yours, the UECC will be more efficient and successful in all projects (brochures, newsletters, newspaper articles, and other educational materials) improving our operating format.

Dear Friends:

As one of the leading not-for-profit organizations emphasizing energy efficiency in the state, Utah Energy Conservation Coalition, Inc. continues to work to make a positive impact in our communities and in our state.  But we need your continued financial assistance!  It’s never too late to make that tax deductible donation that you may need to get your taxes down.  Contribute generously now for a more energy efficient Utah!

Krystal Bockholt
Executive Officer

Utah Energy Conservation Coalition

is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable educational & training non-profit organization.  This means that contributions from individuals and businesses to Utah Energy Conservation Coalition are 100% tax deductible.  The Utah Energy Conservation Coalition is supported by private, voluntary memberships and grants from governmental organizations, agencies, business firms, foundations, and individuals throughout the state as well as the nation who recognize the value of accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive energy information and research that can be readily disseminated to any and all interested parties.

Your tax-deductable contribution allows Utah Energy Conservation Coalition to:

  • Inform Utah builders and home owners about new energy efficiency guidelines and programs
  • Improve the energy efficiency and quality of new and existing homes in Utah
  • Liaison between Energy Star, Rocky Mountain Power, Questar Gas and Utah builders and home owners for energy and utility rebates
  • Develop websites, social networks and videos to convey the latest information on energy efficiency to our subscribers

…” provide training and resources to help individuals take specific actions that will allow them to have increased control over their comfort, costs, and consumption of energy.”

Utah Energy Conservation Coalition

112 South Mountain Way
Orem, UT 84058